With five more states recently deciding to make marijuana legal and make recreational marijuana legal, more growers are jumping for joy. If you are a marijuana horticulturist, you no doubt are seeing dollar signs as well (as long as your business is thriving in a state where it is legal). However, you may not be thinking big enough. Growing and harvesting the buds and leaves from these plants is not quite enough. You can extract the BHO, or the butane honey oil, from these plants and make even more money. Here is how BHO extractors can garner more money for you in this growing trade.

The BHO Extractors for Sale Now

There are a couple of different BHO extractors on the market right now. The best ones are closed loop extractors because these extractors can get up to twenty percent more BHO from your cannabis plants. More oil means more money, and more money means bigger profits and the opportunity to expand your business and meet the greater demand of consumers. 

Extracting the BHO

When you use an extractor, you are using butane to heat the plants and force them to "sweat" their natural oils out. The oils collect in a pool and are siphoned off inside the device. The oil can then be used in vaporizers to deliver their medicinal benefits to people who either cannot or do not smoke the cannabis plant to get their medicine. The effects of the vaporized oils extracted and taken by an extractor are often stronger and purer than smoking the plant. That means that patients do not have to use quite as much BHO to get the same results as several grams of the plant rolled into a joint. As such, you may have significantly more people looking to buy the BHO rather than buying the plant parts, and that will definitely drive up your profits, if you are ready to meet the demand.

Storing the BHO on the Sale Floor

Because the BHO is an oil, it can be stored and sold much in the same way as you would store and sell olive oil at an olive oil bar. However, you will have to store it within view of the register to avoid having the oil stolen. It is generally recommended that you store it behind the counter, where you and your employees can dispense it in the quantities for which the doctors have written prescriptions.

For more information, talk to a professional like BHO Busters.