If you have a home on a lake, then you should feel comfortable using that lake. If you or your family members find the entryway too yucky (a muddy bottom, lots of algae, seaweeds, dead tree branches) then you need to handle the situation. While you can hire a contractor to come in and clean up your entryway, you might want to do it yourself. It's not very difficult as long as you the right clothing and tools, as well as some free time.

Here's what you need to get in order to clean up that access point to the lake and make it so your spouse, children and friends won't cringe when they step out into the water.

Heavy Duty Rake

You are going to be raking out the dead leaves that have turned to muck. You will also be pulling out broken bits of tree branches, as well as seaweed. In order to do this you need a heavy-duty rake with strong teeth. A leaf rake is too flexible and fragile. You want the kind of rake that is used for gravel work. A shovel is not appropriate because you will be creating uneven spots (holes) where people can trip. The rake will evenly remove the sludgy leaves, algae, and seaweed without creating deep holes.

Wheelbarrow and Shovel

When you pull all of that muck out of the water it needs to be put into a wheelbarrow. This will help you transport it up to the house where you can bag it into garbage bags (or a compost heap if you have one.) What you don't want to do is just move it to one side of your entryway. That will look sloppy. You will use the shovel to lift the muck from the ground and into the wheelbarrow.

Muck Boots

You want to clean out the bottom of the lake at least until it gets deep enough so that people can swim. It's no good cleaning out one foot from shore if your lake is shallow for ten feet out. As soon as the person passes that one-foot clean area they will be back in muck.  Rather than ruin your sneakers or regular boots, choose a pair of muck boots. These will help you be more comfortable walking out into deep muck. If you've ever walked in muck before, you will recall that sneakers can get stuck and even come off if they are not tied on super tight. Avoid this by getting tall, waterproof, neoprene muck boots meant for dirty work. You won't even notice your ankle deep in sludgy lake muck. Go here to learn more.

Weed Barrier Mat

This is an optional step, but one that will make the underwater surface a bit more pleasant to walk on. They are designed for lakes. They are good at preventing aquatic plants from growing. You can get ones that are biodegradable so that you don't have to worry if they shift and move off during a storm and get lost.