The pieces of equipment that you use for your landscaping business are valuable assets. There are some things like lawn mowers and weed eaters that are essential for any size business, as well as basic tools like shovels. You may also want to have equipment like trenchers, skid steers and other machinery to provide better service to your customers. This can also include things like wood chippers, which can be used for many different jobs. If you are thinking of adding a wood chipper to your business assets, here are some of the different choices to consider:

1. Small Garden Chippers For Light Duty Tasks

If the work you do is light garden care and landscaping, you may only want a small machine for your business. Small garden chippers can be an affordable solution for dealing with prune clippings, leaf debris and other materials that you may want to turn into mulch or ground cover. These machines can easily be loaded on a truck and carried with the other equipment you need to do landscaping care.

2. Motorized Machines For Large Work Loads

If your business does other work that includes cleaning empty parcels of land, a self-propelled chipper can be a good investment. These are usually larger chippers and may need to be hauled alone. They can be good for any large jobs where you need to move the chipper around to get to materials. These machines can sometimes be larger and handle larger diameter materials as well.

3. Forestry Care With Machines To Chip Larger Materials

If your business does forestry and tree care, it may be a good idea to invest in a larger chipper. Some of the trailer models can handle the largest diameter materials, which can be good for chipping larger branches into mulch. These machines can also be costlier, but are essential if you are going to be doing tree work and need to deal with debris.

4. PTO Attachments For Chippers With Tractor Equipment

If you have a tractor for the different jobs you do, PTO equipment can be a great solution for different tasks. There are PTO chippers that can be used with a tractor to deal with waste materials that you need to chip. This can be good if you are going to be other tractor work and the equipment can be hauled with the tractor.

These are some of the choices that you have if you are planning on adding a wood chipper to the assets of your landscaping business. If you are in the market for one of these machines, contact a vendor who has different wood chippers for sale to get exactly what your business needs.