When you're deciding which type of horse trailer to buy, one of the first considerations is how you want to load the trailer. Three of the most common trailer loading options are the straight load, slant load, and head to head options. Here are some comparisons between these three loading options.

Slant Load Trailers

The slant load trailer is a popular option for larger number of horses. The horses are placed horizontally, so that their front faces one side of the trailer and their back faces the other. These trailers can make unloading much easier, since the horses can be flipped around and led out of the trailer face first.

Since the horses are loaded one at a time from front to back, it can be difficult to access an individual horse that's having a problem. If that horse was loaded into the trailer first, you may have to unload all of the horses in reverse order to reach the horse that's in distress.

Straight Load Trailers

Another popular option is the straight load trailer. In these trailers, the horses are loaded straight into the vehicle, facing the front of the vehicle. During the unloading process, horses need to be led out backwards. These trailers are often found with two horse compartments, where there is a dividing wall between the horses. These trailers can be beneficial if you need something that's compact; they minimize the trailer's space while maximizing the amount of room for each horse compared to the slant trailer method.

Head to Head Trailers

The head to head trailer is a specific type of straight load trailer, where horses are loaded facing one another instead of the front of the vehicle. These containers can make it easier to maneuver inside the carriage, since there is an aisle to separate the horses. However, they are not as compact as a regular straight load trailer with the same number of horses.

Each of these loading options can have its pros and cons, depending on your budget, the number of horses you want to transport, and the size of the horses you're carrying. If you are unsure of which type of carrier to choose, consult your seller to get specific information based on the breeds of horses you're transporting. Each of these horse trailer types can be a fine option as long as you're mindful of your horses' comfort in the vehicle.  

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