Owning and operating a farm takes a lot of work and knowledge. You need to be able to produce enough crops or livestock to show a profit large enough to pay your bills and provide a bit extra for your family. If you are having trouble making a profit on your farm, a civil engineer may be able to find things you can do to increase production. Here are a few examples of what can be done.

Water Supply

Whether you are growing grain or vegetables, or raising livestock, you need to have enough water for everything to grow properly. A civil engineer can come to your farm and perform a survey that will indicate where the best place is for a well or how to construct a water tower that will give you the best water flow.

Lodging Damage

Lodging is a term used for the destruction of plants due to wind or rain. A civil engineer will watch how your plants are growing to see if the problem involves being pulled up from the ground due to winds or being pelted by the rain. Wind tunnels can be brought in to simulate high winds. Once the problem is identified, the engineer can create a barrier from the wind or some type of ducting system to divert the water. This may be as simple as having you plant a row of trees or dig small trenches between plant rows.

Design or Adapt Machinery

Sometimes, it is a piece of equipment you are using that is not working to your best advantage. You may have a feed auger that does not allow for the right amount of feed to reach the animals, or perhaps the combine you are using is damaging some of the crops. A civil engineer can suggest the proper piece of equipment to use to give you the best results. He or she may also be able to adjust your current equipment to work better.

If you know that you are maintaining your farm in a proper manner but are still not showing the profit you should be, contacting a civil engineer could be the solution. He or she may not be a farmer, but they do understand about wind, rain, water supplies and how equipment functions. It is certainly worth having the opinion of an expert to help solve a problem. It may be the thing that keeps your farm from going under.

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