Now that you've finally bought the farmland you've always dreamed of, a helpful neighbor has given you a list of equipment you might not have considered. One item on the list is a cone crusher to use after you pick rocks out of the fields every spring. You hate to admit it, but you can't imagine what the point of pulverizing rocks would be. Actually, the final materials can make the purchase very worthwhile.

Why Is It Called a Cone Crusher?

The equipment crushes rocks, not cones, so why does it have that name? The interior has a cone-shaped funnel; plates inside the equipment smash the stones into a smaller size so they aren't so heavy and unwieldy. Essentially, it turns the field rock into gravel. Some crushers have settings so you can produce coarse sand too. 

Uses for Your Field Stone

Every spring, farmers have to remove rocks that have come to the surface due to freezing, thawing and ground shifts. You might envision using those rocks for some particular purpose, such as for landscaping or to create a masonry rock fence. However, if you haven't expected a spring rock picking adventure, you might be surprised at how many large stones you wind up with. And the following spring, you get another load. Now what?

You do have the option of selling the rocks to a stone company that's in the market for them. If this doesn't work out, you can place an ad on one of the free online classified sites and let people know they can have the material for free if they just get it off your property. 

Uses for Pulverized Field Rock

With a cone crusher, you can produce useful gravel. That gravel is good for repaving your driveway on occasion, for improving drainage on your property and for landscaping needs that large rocks aren't good for. Sand and gravel can also be used for aggregate in concrete. You can sell gravel to stone companies, to other types of businesses and to individual buyers, and you also can be generous and give it away. Eventually, you may recoup your cost for the crushing equipment. 

Buying the Equipment

Many types of this equipment are available, so consider the features you need. For example, you'll want the machine to be portable so you don't have to haul rocks back to a specific location for smashing. You want it to be affordable; you don't need a big industrial-sized model. Once you learn more about specific devices, you'll be ready to make your purchase.