Being a trade professional can be a very rewarding career in both financial terms and personal satisfaction. In particular, plumbers are well known for earning high wages, but they must operate in a highly competitive market. While many professionals may not have the resources to dedicate to large scale advertising campaigns, there are a couple of steps that they can follow to drastically improve their competitiveness against their larger rivals. 

Have A Weekly Newsletter

The vast majority of plumbing professionals have some form of website available for potential customers to find. Unfortunately, many of these individuals are not properly utilizing this resource to its maximum potential. Internet browsers can visit hundreds of pages in a single session, and there is a strong chance that they may never return to your website. However, if you capture their email address, you can help ensure that your business is fresh on their minds when they are experiencing a plumbing problem.

While it is important to regularly send out emails to these contacts, you must provide something other than a sales pitch. If people feel like your emails are spam, you may find it almost impossible to grow your list due to people unsubscribing. To avoid this problem, your newsletter should primarily be helpful tips, answers to common questions and other items that people may find useful. 

Place Magnetic Decals On Your Vehicles

When you are making service calls, there are literally hundreds of people that will see you driving, and many of these individuals could be potential customers for your business. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of failing to put identifying decals on the vehicle. These decals can provide individuals with your business's name, number and website, which can all increase the likelihood that individuals needing the services of a plumber can easily learn more about your business. 

Sadly, some people may not choose these decals because they are under the impression that they will permanently ruin the vehicle or they are highly expensive. Luckily, this is not the case, and in addition to being very affordable, these decals are often attached using only magnets. These magnets will keep the decal to the vehicle while it is moving, but if you ever need to get rid of the vehicle, you can simply pull the decal off and put it on another car. 

Being a plumber can be a highly competitive career to pursue, but the financial rewards can be highly lucrative. By utilizing these two simple marketing tips, you may be able to drastically improve your ability to attract new clients. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Workhorse.